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Microbial Biofilms, Second Edition

Editors: Mahmoud Ghannoum, Matthew Parsek, Marvin Whiteley, Pranab K. Mukherjee

Content Type: Monograph

Publication Year: 2015

Category: Environmental Microbiology

Print ISBN: 9781555817459

e-ISBN: 9781555817466

DOI: 10.1128/9781555817466

An examination of the research and translational application to prevent and treat biofilm-associated diseases

Chapters written by established investigators cover recent findings, and contributions from investigators new to the field provide unique and fresh insights. Specifically, Microbial Biofilms provides

In the decade since the first edition of Microbial Biofilms was published, the interest in this field has expanded, spurring breakthrough research that has advanced the treatment of biofilm-associated diseases. This second edition takes the reader on an exciting, extensive review of bacterial and fungal biofilms, ranging from basic molecular interactions to innovative therapies, with particular emphasis on the division of labor in biofilms, new approaches to combat the threat of microbial biofilms, and how biofilms evade the host defense.

  • state-of-the-art research in the field of bacterial and fungal biofilms
  • detailed descriptions of the in vitro and in vivo models available to evaluate microbial biofilms
  • future areas of research and their translational and clinical applications

Microbial Biofilms is a useful reference for researchers and clinicians. It will also provide insight in the dynamic field of microbial biofilms for graduate and postgraduate students.

“Biofilms influence human health and agriculture, and sustain diverse ecosystems. This second edition of Microbial Biofilms provides a masterful overview of critical topics central to fungal and bacterial biofilms by celebrated experts in the field. It is a must read for any professional seeking basic or advanced knowledge of microbial biofilms.”

— David S. Perlin, Professor and Executive Director, Public Health Research Institute, New Jersey Medical School-Rutgers University