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Our Expertise

A Global Leader in Fungal and Bacterial Study

Dr. Ghannoum’s expertise formed the Clinical Research Organization, which created Next-Trillion Science LLC (NTS). The company is designed to assist corporate partners with achieving their R&D objectives for understanding the complex polymicrobial/host interactions related to health and disease.


Our leadership team has the highest level of commitment and collaborates with top hospitals and research centers to develop research.

Dr. Mahmoud A. Ghannoum

Dr. Ghanoum is a world-renowned expert on the microbiome. With more than 25 years of research experience, Dr. Ghannoum has a proven track record of excellence that has attracted more than $25M in federal and $30M in industrial investment.

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Publications on Microbiology

Dr. Ghannoum has over 300 publications in the field of microbiology, including fungal disease, biofilms, microbiome, drug discovery R&D, and bacterial diseases.

Microbiome Research

With our own laboratory, we can dive deep into maintaining health and treating illness.

Microbial and Fungal Biofilms

Microbial and fungal biofilms have been targeted as the most significant problem-preventing antifungal and antibacterial drugs, and they have been recently linked to the microbiome while targeting specific functions occupied in the organs, such as the gut.

Dr. Ghannoum’s leading-edge research deeply investigates microbial and fungal biofilms. In fact, he was the first investigator to coin the term “mycobiome” since a portion of his research focused closely on the neglected fungal side of the microbiome equation. He even wrote the book Microbial Biofilms.

Pharmaceutical Collaborations

To build upon his research, Dr. Ghannoum has collaborated with numerous pharmaceutical companies, developing tailored in vitro (referencing the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) and in vivo (murine, rabbit, guinea pigs, etc.) examines. They were designed to test antibacterial and antifungal drug efficacy.

Cutting-Edge Sequencing Technology

Dr. Ghannoum’s laboratory has focused on the use of cutting-edge sequencing technology for analysis of the bacterial microbiome 16S and fungal mycobiome ITS in order to characterize the bacterial and fungal communities that reside in different parts of the body, including the gut, oral cavity, skin, and reproductive system.

What Sets Us Apart

Like no one else, NTS truly understands the complex polymicrobial/host interactions, which is why we are able to develop therapeutics designed to rebalance the microbiome.

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We are positioned to become a global leader in the study of fungal (mycobiome) and bacterial (bacteriome) communities.

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We are the first to interrogate inter-kingdom interactions as a means of identifying actionable steps that will lead to the discovery of novel therapeutic, probiotic, and nutritional approaches.

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With these tools, we strive to harmonize the microbiota for maintaining health and treating illness.