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Vertebrate Animal Testing

NTS collaborates with the Center for Medical Mycology preclinical modeling core to offer several small animal models for fungal/bacterial infection/disease, as well as unique in vivo models of biofilm formation – rabbit indwelling catheter model and a murine model of contact lens-associated fungal infection.

This characterizes biofilm formation on contact lenses in vitro and examines the effect of biofilm on contact lens-associated fungal infection in vivo.  NTS also offers a proprietary guinea pig model of dermatophytosis.  Directly related to the microbiome, NTS offers murine models designed to evaluate the effect of drugs directly on the micro- and myco-biome of the gut (e.g., DSS-induced colitis model).

NTS can assist investigators to establish in vivo small animal models (mouse, guinea pig, rabbit, rat) of fungal or bacterial infection to use as preclinical models. 

This capability is especially useful for corporate partners interested in designing experimental models that can be adapted to drug or small molecule testing for generation of preliminary in vivo data.

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