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The Importance of the Fungal Community in Dermatology R&D

Why Focus on Fungi?

Recent studies have highlighted the role fungi can play in preventing adverse skin conditions and improving overall skin health. However, many dermatology R&D efforts still overlook the role that the mycobiome can play in product development.

With 42 separate references, this white paper explains:

  • The two most common fungi found on the skin, and their role in skin health
  • The ideal dermatological conditions for fungal growth to occur on the skin
  • How an adjustment in the fungal community can lead to lower skin immunity
  • The adverse effects fungi can have on the physiology of the dermis
  • How bacterial/fungal biofilm formation can impact dermis integrity
  • The five skin conditions most impacted by fungal community imbalance
  • How fungal imbalance can impact skin elasticity, smoothness and hydration

Find out why fungal analysis should be a critical part of your company’s R&D efforts.

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