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Interventional Core

NTS has the capacity to design and work with sponsors interested in promoting human health and combating disease by focusing on the following approaches:

  • Microbiome modulation by nutritional intervention (prebiotics or by individualized diets)
  • Probiotic supplementation or fecal microbiome transplantation
  • Identification and administration of microbiome-derived metabolites, such as the modulation of metabolites through treatment with or inhibition of postbiotics
  • Manipulation of host gut barrier function using pre- or pro-biotic supplements
We strive to harmonize the microbiota for maintaining health and treating illness.

NTS has established an exclusive licensing agreement with Biohm Health LLC, a second start-up enterprise founded by Dr. Ghannoum. It is based upon a proprietary mixture of beneficial bacteria and fungi plus enzymes to inhibit biofilm formation and allow balance of the bacterial and fungal gut commensal organisms.